CatalYm has identified GDF-15 as a key cancer therapy resistance mechanism and is developing a safe and efficacious immune therapy for solid tumors.

drives us

Phil L’Huillier

Chief Executive Officer

As a pioneer in unraveling the role of GDF-15 in immunotherapy resistance, we are determined to leverage our knowledge to neutralize this locally acting immunosuppressant to treat as many cancer patients as possible.
Christine Schuberth-Wagner

Chief Scientific Officer

GDF-15 acts as an important driver of therapy resistance in cancer by inhibiting both activation and relocation of important players of antitumoral immune responses. With our monoclonal antibody, visugromab, we aim to reinstate an efficient anti-tumor immune response, a basic requirement for cancer therapy success.
Eugen Leo

Chief Medical Officer

Currently, the vast majority of cancer patients still do not benefit from immunotherapy because of primary or secondary resistance mechanisms. Our emerging clinical data show that visugromab can induce potent and durable anti-tumor efficacy in combination with anti-PD-1 treatment in advanced cancer patients that are relapsed/refractory to anti-PD1/PD-L1 treatment. That is why we believe blocking GDF-15 represents a major step forward in enhancing response depth and duration for many cancer patients with high unmet medical need. The clinical safety observed is excellent and allows for multi-combo use in frontline treatment.
Anne Burger

Chief Financial Officer

The entrepreneurial mindset and experience of our team in combination with the strong support and financial backing of our shareholders enable us to explore the potential of reversing GDF-15-mediated immunosuppression for currently non-responding cancer patients in a smart and efficient way, paving the way to serve innovative combination therapies for cancer patients with high unmet needs.
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